Pablo Reinoso’s ice bucket for Belvedere vodka looks like a piece of art

The Belvedere vodka spells luxury. One of the first luxury vodka’s in the world, it has developed a formidable brand for itself. Such a great name obviously needs something equally great to be associated with it. And so emerged the Belvedere Ice Branch, designed by the artist par excellence Pablo Reinoso.

This gorgeous piece is actually an ice bucket made in honour of the renowned vodka. And what better place to debut this glamorous ice bucket, than the uber glamorous Cannes Film Festival. Interpretting the macro format, the Belvedere Ice Branch looks like a cool work of art. But its utility is unquestionable. It makes use of the high tech innovations that are capable of extracting moisture from the surrounding atmosphere, and freezing the resultant condensed liquid to freeze, and hence cool the crystal clear vodka. The case has emerging branches that become frozen due to the above mentioned reactions.

It keeps the Belvedere vodka’s at the optimal temperature. It is a fine example of one of those functional art pieces that are becoming the trend these days. So enjoy the delicious, cool Belvedere vodkas when you invite your friends over and tell them about this absolutely smashing new ice bucket.

Via: Sfilate

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