Pablo Picasso Blue Canvas to Fetch $60.9 Million

Pablo Picasso must be one of the most acclaimed painters ion the world, and long after his death his paintings still fetch millions of dollars. What exactly makes his paintings so exclusive is something that is best left to an art critic to talk about.

However we know that his paintings all cost millions of dollars and are luxury items that can be purchased by the richest of the rich in the world. Pablo Picasso once painted his young raffish friend sitting in a bar in Barcelona, drinking Absinthe.

That painting has impressionist and contemporary feel to it, and the painting was owned by composer Andrew Lloyd Webber. It belongs to the Blue Period canvas and is expected to fetch a whopping $60.9 million.

It shall be auctioned off by Christies and if you are familiar with the art of Picasso, you really must give a second thought to this amazing painting. Of course, only the billionaires could afford to purchase this painting and even millionaires might find it difficult to even dream about it. You could always buy a cheaper but much exotic piece of art by unknown artists.

Via: Bloomberg

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