Oprah’s baby ‘Angel Network’ a charitable organization all set to close

Talk show host of one of the most successful shows, Oprah Winfrey is shutting down her charitable organization ‘Oprah Angel Network’. The organization has given more than $80 million since the time it was born in 1998. The charity will stop accepting donations as of this week and will distribute the remaining funds.

Oprah’s show is set to finish in 2011 and she is one of the most successful women alive. Oprah encouraged her celebrity friends and legion fans to donate to the charity. All the funds went directly towards the appropriate causes as she paid the administrative costs herself. Angel Network provided funds to more than hundreds of organizations in the US and in more than thirty counties around the world. Close to 150,000 donors gave money to her charity.

The network has done commendable work throughout the world including building more than 55 schools in 12 countries and provided education to thousands of children all over the world. In the year 2005 they provided $1 million worth of school supplies to 18,000 impoverished South African children. Also as part of Katrina and Rita they helped more than 1,000 families get back into their homes and helped build restore more than 400 homes.

Besides, Oprah’s two private philanthropies, ‘The Oprah Winfrey Foundation’ and the ‘Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy Foundation’ will remain active. Oprah was ranked no. 25 on The Chronicle’s most recent annual Philanthropy by donating $41 million last year.

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