Opportunities for Designers on the Web Increase This Year

The designers were hit the hardest by the recession. Since they all deal in luxury products and not necessities it is always the first to be postponed whenever there is a financial crunch. E-commerce and social network connections are alternatives that can help them make the best of a tough situation. Those who had taken the digital initiative are looking pretty smart now as many more options are available to them this year.

The high end exclusive designers were resistant to adapt to the online channel. But ultimately they did realise that more and more customers are interacting online. They seek advice from friends before making a purchase decision. Customers do want to access the designer but only through their cell phones and tablets. As a result many of the designers have registered their presence on Twitter and Facebook.

This year the designers will give more instant access to the customers, feel experts. Burberry made their 2011 Spring designs available for online sale immediately after the runway show. It attracted some criticism as some balance between commerce and creativity has to be maintained. Many fashion houses still lag on the digital front but this year is bound to see some meaningful initiatives to avail the opportunities available.

Via: runway.blogs.nytimes

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