Older Wine Tastes Divine

Château Smith Haute Lafite and Château de Cayx have decided to transport their latest vintages to North America using a classic sailing ship for 2010. The most intriguing part of the whole process is the boat that has been used to ship the wines. The mystical and exquisite boat was built in 1904 in Plymouth, England. The Bessie-Ellen is one of the last remaining sailing ketches around, and is actually on sale in her own right for 435,000 euros.

The green policy doesn’t come cheap however (costing 20% more than using a standard container ship) but the 25 day voyage adds a certain layer of intrigue to the wine. This is because the more wine ages, its aroma & qualities augment. Consequently, the shippers, Dublin-based, French-run CTMV, claim that the long ocean voyage could improve the wine by hastening the ageing process.

20,000 bottles will leave Bordeaux for Montreal on July 21. In next year, they plan to set up the route permanently as well as a shorter journey from Bordeaux to Plymouth.

Via Luxury Insider

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