Now drink The Mel Gibson at The Oak Room

Mel Gibson is furious and everybody is seeing that, thanks to the hyper-active media these days. Tapes of the actor shouting at his ex, Oksana Grigorieva have surfaced and are not doing anything good for his reputation. But the famous Oak Room is bringing this explosive situation into its bar. No they are not inviting the angry man over there to start off with his rants, but they have actually introduced a cocktail called The Mel Gibson.

Seems like a nice idea to cash in on the hype being created around the actor recently. They are mockingly calling it a bi-polar, which I think is putting it kindly. Considering that alcohol has played a very important role in bringing Mel Gibson to this kind of rage, it seems apt that an alcoholic drink be named after him. But then again, one thinks that such behaviour is not something to celebrate. But I guess this christening was done in a lighter vein.

The recipe for this drink includes Van Gogh vodka. Well Van Gogh was bi-polar too wasn’t he? Then you gotta add some Bols Genever Gin, Vermouth, Club Soda, and Cocktail Onion Juice. The price of this drink? $19. That is almost as insane as Mel Gibson himself!

Via: BlackBookMag

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