Now a fun vacation for your kid’s teddy bear!

Ok this is utterly absurd, but I will still tell you the gory, or shall I say idiotic details. Believe it or not, a travel company in Finland has started a tour progamme especially for Teddy Bears! Yes, you got that right. Exclusive travel vacation for those stuffed inanimate objects. Ok I know they are cute and stuff, and the kids adore them, I know I did too, but C’mon! In the recession hit world these days, its hard enough to pay for your kids travelling, forget their soft toys!

This company is offering vacations for those cute little things in Lapland, and the tours are called “Teddy Tours”. By shelling out $140 to $216, your child’s teddy bear can have a vacation of his own. There are several packages available. The “Standard Journey” includes a trip to the town of Rovaniemi and a tete a tete with Santa Claus. The “Luxury Trip” will consist of a trip to a reindeer farm, horseback riding, followed by a river cruise.

To convince you that the bear actually had a good time, there will be photos taken of his little trip. But that’s not going to convince anyone now, in this world of photoshop. And if you thought you could go along, then you are in for a rude shock. No people allowed! How convenient!

Via: MomLogic

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