North Coast Yacht Unveils $22.2 Million Yacht with Italian Onyx and Gold Wallpapers

Tacoma-based North Coast Yachts have created a buzz in the field of boats and yachts with their luxurious 125 foot motor yacht. It is also going to be one of the most luxurious yachts ever and certainly the most luxurious yacht that North Coast Yacht has ever built. This floating palace would be unveiled and launched Monday into Commencement Bay. It is quite strange because usually yacht builders begin to construct yachts only when they have requests and down payments.

This 125 footer was built without any client and thus it is a huge risk, if they do not find a buyer. Moreover, the price tag of the yacht is a cool $22.2 million. Some of the luxury features include $10,000-worth of Italian onyx t in the bathroom and dining room table. There is also gold weaved into the wallpaper, but surprisingly, it does not look blinged out inside.

Stephen Yadvish, the owner cooed that his company does not build yachts solely for the purpose of selling or building them, and every time they build a yacht, it is an art project for them. It is almost a tribute to Poseidon, and all the nymphs and seamen of the legendary rough waters. Moreover, he will sell it to someone who is truly impressed by it and not just to anyone who has money.

Via: The News Tribune

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