Nordstrom to Start a Luxury Non-profit Store in Broadway

Nordstrom, the popular departmental store chain has unveiled plans to launch a fully fledged and separate brand store that would part with all the profits towards charity. All the earnings from the location in New York City would towards nonprofits and what it would sell or what exactly the store in fact is, is not clear either.

The Seattle based company would start operations in a new 10-story residential building on West Broadway. Corporate spokeswoman Pamela Lopez revealed that there would also be no other store like this in other cities and their identity is to create a unique identity for the store, which is to become an important site to visit when one is in and around Manhattan.

It shall not sell used clothes, and it would also not be a thrift store of some sort. The concept seems to be a challenging and interesting one and it needs to be seen how interesting it really is, and if it would be a success or not. Perhaps, the luxury store would advertise itself of being a non-profit and charity store that would sell luxury products. If that is the case, it would be great.

Via: Seattle Times

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