New York Inns Beckon You to Spend aa Great Weekend or Two

Richard Gere is not just known for his movies but also his over enthusiastic portrayal of Eastern Religions, which he tries to market to gullible people. However, sometimes even these marketing techniques can have pleasant side effects.

5 Years ago, Richard Gere came across a dilapidated restaurant in Bedford, N.Y. It was earlier called Nino’s and he decided to renovate it and turn it into an inn. Now, the yoga proponent also had to develop a chic mediation hall, which is quite boring but he also created a great inn which serves some amazing beer and liquor, along with great food.

Victoria Lesser too found a rundown building in North Branch, N.Y., and she converted that into Old North Branch Inn. Hers is a slightly better Inn when compared with Gere’s Inn, since it does not come with the unnecessary yoga and Meditation room, which makes it a pretentious establishment.

However, the rooms in both the inns are slick and well maintained, and both of them have very expensive and posh restaurants. Most of the rooms are $550 a night and look great. If you wanted to get away from the humdrum of NYC, go to these inns, you would realize that you do not need any fake Eastern humbug to clear your thought.

Via: NY Times

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