New SABC3 Reality Show Features Luxury Vacations Of The Super-Rich

Regular people like you and I can’t help being fascinated by the lives of the fabulously rich and famous. The entire idea of living in sprawling estates peppered with million-dollar furnishings and purchasing luxury yachts as birthday gifts is symbolic of a world beyond our reach. This is the world of aspirations; a world that makes us drool and swoon and wonder, “Why doesn’t that happen to me?” Is it any wonder that reality television shows like to focus on the lives of the richest celebs? In February this year, I had written about KCOP Channel 13’s new reality show produced by Luxury Lifestyles TV that would feature dream homes from southern California. And now, SABC3 has come up with a new TV show that highlights how the super-rich want to travel.

Named First Class All the Way, the new reality show on SABC3 premiered on Thursday, 7 April at 19:30. The new show follows Sara Duffy, the founder of a multi-million dollar travel concierge business which is based in Los Angeles, as she and her team deal with heavy duty clients seeking lavish vacation experiences. We have seen plenty of travel shows on television, including luxury vacation ideas that only the super-rich can afford. But First Class All the Way seems to offer a fresh take on things. This new reality show will take viewers into the hectic world of organizing high-end luxury travel and offer an insider’s view of what it takes to create and manage luxury vacation plans for heavy-duty clients.

The show will focus on how the go-getter Duffy works with her team of experts to come up with exciting, high-end travel ideas that will appeal to individuals from the ultra high net worth group. Running a luxury travel concierge business is no piece of cake by the way. There is plenty of money to go around. But with the money comes the demands. From the sounds of it, First Class All the Way will feature plenty of demanding clients and showcase how Duffy and her team manage to rise to the occasion. As far as Duffy and her team is concerned, there is no demand that is too outrageous. The travel concierge firm will work at a frenetic pace, with the TV cameras on them, to find the best luxury hotels, private yachts, remote locales and unique experiences to give its ultra rich clients a bang for their buck.

The first season of First Class All the Way has much to offer. Five wealthy housewives will travel to Monte Carlo to admire the Monaco Royal Family’s exquisite art collection. A meeting with Prince Albert is part of this exclusive package. Shark actor Sam Page and his girlfriend will set off on a romantic luxury vacation to Italy’s Amalfi Coast. Meanwhile, Heroes star Leonard Roberts and his friends will be vacationing at a private villa in Tuscany. Of course, this is just a glimpse of the extravagant luxury vacations on offer on this show which has been produced by Scott A. Stone, Andy Cohen, Lori Kaye, Frances Berwick and David Osper. There is plenty more where that came from.

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