New Rating System for the Hotels Comes up with Luxutique Segment

How do you rate a hotel? There is a standardized rating system with various parameters on which to judge a hotel. Unfortunately no one understands the ratings anymore and the word “boutique” as a type of hotel is being abused by the media and hotel owners. Ideally the classification system should be standardized so that it is recognized internationally. But it is not the case. Large differences exist in the quality of the accommodations and the food within one category of hotel. Simply put, the star system has flaws.

If we go back a bit in time we may be able to understand the situation better. The term boutique hotel was first used describe Ian Schager’s first hotel which opened in New York City in 1984. It introduced ground breaking designs to the hospitality world. But no clear cut definition of the term was established and there was no trade mark protection leading to gross misuse and abuse of the term by anyone and everyone in the industry.

Dinka Bojanova claims to have the answer to the confusion and the concept to differentiate the luxury segment. The new type of hotel is called “Luxutique” which by definition takes only the best of luxury and the best of boutique hotels.

Via: 4hoteliers

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