NetJets Buys Marquis and Pushes Itself to the Top of Aviation Industry

Fractional ownership seems to be growing at a considerable rate, and that is partly because there has been an increased sense of what luxury is and what it is not. Today, the ones that have the money choose to spend on luxury only when it is actually required.

Thus, if you used a flight to fly only a few times in a month, instead of buying it for yourselves, you could buy a certain number of hours. NetJets is a private business jet operator owned by Berkshire Hathaway. Marquis, which sells cards that offers 25 hours of flight time on NetJets aircrafts will now be bought by NetJets. Thus, Marquis has now become a wholly owned subsidiary of NetJets.

It might help Marquis too, to get a more secure position in the aviation industry and also encourage people to buy flying hours instead of an entire aircraft. Nouveau riches who do not exactly have the money to buy an entire aircraft, or are smart enough to know that they need the aircraft only a few times in a month could go in for such cards that sell the certain hours of flight time annually.


Via: Business Week

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