Mr. Wayne Newton’s Forgotten Plane

Oakland County International Airport is furious over Mr. Wayne Newton. Any guesses? This American singer owes an exuberant $60,000 in storage fees for having his plane parked in the airport for more than three years!

Mr. Joel Borgesen, the president of the Oakland Air, said that he finally had to turn to the media to get some help. The folly of renting the hangar space to the singer might cost Mr. Borgesen a little more than expected, as the total storage fees has amounted to $61,360 . Oakland Air has tried several futile ways to contact the singer and when nothing seemed viable they even considered selling off the plane, but to their disappointment the plane has turned into a trash. What more could they have expected it to be after 4 years of denial?
The interiors of the plane have decayed and the engine was found to be covered with moulds!
After having being declared bankrupt in the year 1992, this is the second time ‘Mr. Las Vegas’ has come to spotlight regarding a monetary issue. Considering the history of the singer, we can only pray for the Oakland Air authorities, hoping that they would get their money in the near future.

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