More Stars Attend Awards Ceremonies Thanks To Luxury Lounge

Brands need celebrities and celebrities need brands. And the Luxury Lounge helps bring the two together. There was a time when award shows (which don’t pay celebs much for their appearances) gave celebrities gift hampers stocked with plenty of luxury brand items. This worked for awhile until talk of what was in the hampers overpowered the awards ceremonies themselves. This was then brought to a stop. But then, in the absence of media attention, brands lost their interest in stocking these celebrity baskets. It was in the aftermath of this that the Luxury Lounge was born.

The main premise of the Luxury Lounge was to give stars beauty and spa treatments and let them take home gifts. In return, the celebs in question posed for photographs with the brands’ products. Many times, this brought stars in contact with certain brands, becoming the catalyst for a more longstanding relationship later on.

The now-trademarked Luxury Lounge was begun by Britt Johnson on the request of HBO during the 2003 Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills’ Peninsula Hotel. Johnson managed to rope in about twelve luxury brands to participate in this novel concept. Johnson remained apprehensive about how the stars would react, but he might not have realised that he had hit upon something big.

Over the years, the Luxury Lounge has become a talking point ahead of award ceremonies. But invites are not easy to get. After all, the guest list includes A-list celebs. People like Helen Mirren, Tina Fey and Justin Timberlake are just a few of the names that come to mind.

Via: Huffington Post

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