More functional Sculptures from Splinter Works

Functional sculptures by Splinter Works stun onlookers by their sheer geometrical simplicity and usability. Look at ‘Shoot’, a water slide that resembles a great arc of water. The sculpture gives the impression of being a fluid entity. Built out of carbon fibre and silver leaf, ‘Shoot’ adds character to any poolside. There is a touch of exclusivity as well. There are only three units of this sculptural marvel.

‘Tipsy’, another sculpture by Splinter Works, appears to defy gravity. This mini-bar seems ready to tip over any moment. It may give the impression of fragility but is as sturdy as can be. Carbon fibre teamed with clear or pigmented lacquer has been used to build this almost illusion-like work of art. This piece plays with balance and is a conversation starter like no other. ‘Tipsy’ is an edition of eight units. Offering the illusion of a revolving object is ‘Dime Two’. Built out of carbon fibre, Santos rosewood veneer and silver leaf, ‘Dime Two’ is not just a piece of sculpture. Once peeled back it reveals a perfectly functional dressing table, complete with cabinets and drawers. As many as twenty-four units of ‘Dime Two’ are available with Splinter Works.

Indeed, Splinter Works creates furniture and household objects that are sure to take one’s breath away. It truly offers a chance to look at everyday objects with fresh eyes. Even their earlier sculptures, like the spa design ‘Vessel’ and the cooking surface ‘Wink’ were works of art with the promise of functionality. We look forward to more of their marvellous creations.

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  • Nice shapes but I’d be worried about the razor edge of the mini bar being the same height as a kid’s head!

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