Mont Blanc Introduces The Remarkable Fraud Proof Personalized Ink

Security in today’s world fast becoming a paramount concern for almost everyone and from bank accounts, social security numbers to online identities, the need for privacy and security has reached a fevered pitch. When we are sensitive about the security of our identities among other things then, why not get concerned in regards to the immensely expensive Mont Blanc pens.

One of the most exquisite luxury brands in the world, Mont Blanc has now introduced an all new set of roller pens that, are not only incredibly gorgeous to look at, but also consist of a revolutionary ink that is locked to an individual users and will only in the hands of that particular user. The principle behind this incredible Personal Code Ink is, that the ink consists of an inimitable botanical code that in many ways is like the human DNA or fingerprint, unique to each individual. These all new highly innovative and beautiful pens will be available from Spring 2010.

The Personal Code Ink Meisterstück pens will come in a dashing, personalized black lacquer precious wooden box along with a black calfskin pouch and will be given gold-plated Meisterstück fittings. These pens will also carry the legendary Mont Blanc clip and the three rings at its center. One of the coolest things about the all new Personal Code Ink Meisterstück pens is that, the entire set will be delivered to the owners with a letter or memento that would be consisting of the owner’s handwriting, thus making the package 100% authentic.

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