Money matters: 10 Aston Martin One-77s sold to single buyer for $23 million!

Who ever told you that money does not matter a whole lot in life? When it comes to bringing home a Supercar that is both rare and Limited Edition product, it matters as hell. All the more when it is the case of not just one car but a whole fleet of Aston Martin One-77 Supercars for the use of your family alone! That’s right; one rich Middle East buyer has decided to create a sensation in the auto world by having 10 whole Aston martin One-77s delivered to him for a price tag of $23 million. So why is that such a huge news?

For starters Aston Martin has decided to make only 77 of these and hence one individual bringing home 10 of the 77 means that there are only 67 left for the rest of the planet. Top that with the fact that each one of these exotic and exhilarating beasts costs $1.7 million and that means the uber-enthusiastic fan who bought the fleet of cars ended paying a real handsome tip to the company.

Made from carbon fiber monocoque and powered by a 7.3-liter V12 making 750-hp and topping off at 220 mph, the car would be envy of everyone who lays their eyes on it. Now just imagine 10 of these being sported by one rich dude.

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