Mobile Love: Gift your sweetheart a pink Constellation Ayxta this Valentine’s!

Love is well and truly in the air with Valentine’s Day round the corner and as it is mandatory each year, we lazy ones are going out to get some last minute shopping in so that we do not have to hear someone complain about how we forgot for the rest of our lives. That being said, Vertu has given a great opportunity for all the guys to floor their gals with the perfect gift come the 14th of February. Vertu has decided to bring out a cute and chic-tastic version of its much talked about Constellation Ayxta and this time around it comes in ultra-sweet pink!

That’s right, you want to tell her that you love her dearly and wish to stay it in style, then the all new Pink Ayxta does so in a grand fashion. Obviously nothing hits with gals like pink, so Vertu has just kept it simple and has just redone the color on top to turn the 2009 model into a V-day gift. Well, it still looks cool and hopefully a few scarlet hearts in the background, themes and screensaver sections have been added to make it all the more worthwhile.

So, now what do all the girls do to complement and give something that will please the guys as well? Vertu smartly suggests the Ascent Ti Carbon Fibre. Recession… What recession??

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