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Mobile Advertising Central to Cartier’s Winter Tale Campaign

Cartier is promoting their seasonal offerings through their “Winter Tale” campaign which asks consumers to follow a panther cub through a winter wonderland of the luxury brand and their exclusive offerings. Mobile advertising is central to their campaign this time. The rich advertisement connects the consumer to a video that follows the Cartier panther as it reveals a selection of accessories for him and her, and eternal diamonds.

Highlighting the advantages of Mobile Advertising, Ken Harlan, president of MobileFuse, New York, said that apart from choosing the sites and applications they want to align with they can be very focused and serve the ads to only those who are in a particular career or industry or to those who have a particular model of phone. It makes perfect sense as an AT&T consumer is much more likely to have better credit and be a potential buyer of that luxury brand than a MetroPCS consumer.

Cartier is a renowned French jeweler and watchmaker. The Winter Tale campaign spans online and mobile display advertising. The mobile ad for Cartier’s Winter Tale is currently running within the New York Times iPhone application. The panther in the ad is so cute that viewers would like to follow it.

Via: luxurydaily

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