Mirror Polished Stainless Steel Sculpture Reflects Distorted Reality

Ball-Nogues, is an LA-based designer who creates amazing stuff in his studio of fabrication he has recently completed a project of public art proposal, which consists of a sculpture at Santa Monica place on the outer wall of a parking place. It is a place with heavy traffic by tourists and motor vehicles and sure is a centre of attraction for all passersby who have to pass below the hanging structure. People can notice the glittering spectacular aggregation of mirror. The installed art piece is the work of Ball-Nogues who created it in his studio.

The art installation is made up of stainless steel spheres which are mirror polished. Both neighboring balls and gravity are combined to lock themselves in position and the cable of each ball is suspended from a point of a wall. Each ball is suspended by a cable from a point on the wall and locked in position by a combination of gravity and neighboring balls. These highly polished steel balls are arranged in a particular way which acts as a group of multiple convex mirrors. Owing to its reflection property of the polished multiple surfaces forms multiple funny distorted images of passersby. The duo wanted to provoke the ideas just installing the glitzy in urbanized Santa Monica, which also has a resemblance of a big hammock of banana (we know what bananas are!) and also the reproductive system of females.

Originally it was designed by Frank Gehry near third street promenade and the beach. The installed structure, called cradle is formed by the spheres pouring into molds .

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