Millionaire decides to give away his possessions for happiness

How strange life is. One thinks that money would bring them all the happiness that is needed. But that does not seem to be the case with many who actually got the bucks. Meet millionaire Karl Rabedar. He became a millionaire by the time he reached his third decade by a series of inventions such as artificial flowers, bottles with candles inside etc. But the motivation that drove him during his journey to this pinnacle of success didn’t bring him the joy that he had expected.

He felt that the material well being and the assumed happiness that people had was just a facade. And then came the last nail in the coffin, when he and his wife of 17 years divorced. On a trip to Argentina it dawned upon him that a little bit of financial support can really do wonders for some people. And so he decided to give ‘micro-loans’ of a few hundred pounds to those who needed it. Surprisingly, they gave returned him the money when their work was done.

The man is now selling off his luxurious possessions, including his villa in Telfs. He now plans to live at €1,000 a month. This money he will earn by lecturing and working as a life coach.

Via: Guardian

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