Michael Jackson Museum to Be Built in His Hometown

Michael Jackson is long gone, but the money making machine that he created when he was alive seems to be still alive and kicking. Apart from all the wealth that is generated each day with the sales of his CDs and DVDs, and the occasional auctions, there is going to be a museum in which his father Joe Jackson is getting involved too.

It would be built in Michael Jackson’s hometown Gary located in Indiana. While the father asserts this is what Michael Jackson always wanted, he also tells the museum is going to generate $100 million to $150 million each year, which would help the town. Since the money won’t be used for his father’s personal enjoyment and instead would be used for the community of Gary town, it may not be such a bad idea after all.

Gary Mayor Rudy Clay feels it would attract 750,000 visitors to the city each day once the museum is built. Jackson Family Museum and Hotel and the Michael Jackson Performing Arts and Cultural Centre and Theatres will be built with the help of donations and investors. The citizens of Gary seem to be happy with the idea as well, about the 300 acre land designated for the museum.

Via: Telegraph

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