Miami-based designer Joseph Pubillones Creates TV Surrounds

Luxury and bling are assumed to go hand in hand, something like inseparable friends. However, luxury sure knows that bling without purpose isn’t a good friend, but someone that would drag luxury down to being trashy. However, here is something that isn’t quite trashy but actually quite good.

Miami-based designer Joseph Pubillones has created luxurious TV surrounds which cover the sides of the TV and give a more balanced and clean look to the room. They come in ebonized oak and mother-of-pearl inlays in smoke, white and brown is something to look forward to.

You could also choose to have them wrapped in maple in a dark walnut finish. It could be an interesting way to tell your visitors how you like cleanliness and how you want that respected in your presence. Most people have a wrong idea that to be luxurious one needs to spend a lot of money.

The idea of being luxurious always has been to make sure that there is always room for some kind of relaxation, and some indulgence. When indulgence and relaxation becomes work, luxury can no more remain luxurious. Thus, it is always nice to think less about bling and what is luxurious, and instead do what one always wants to do.

Via: HE Magazine

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