Mercedes Drive Thru Makes Dining in a Car an Exceptional Experience

Mercedes is facing increasing competition in the market but as a brand it is more solid than its competitors. In the people’s perception the brand has become synonymous with luxury cars. If you equate something with Mercedes it means you are referring to the very top end of the segment. But the luxury car makers are not resting on their laurels but striving hard to protect and improve the reputation of the brand. It includes devising innovative marketing campaigns that offer exclusive, unique and luxurious experience. They are readying for the launch of their all new A Class model and they obviously want to showcase it in the best light.

The Temporary Fixture Provides a Unique Sensory Experience

They have created a very different platform to showcase the new model. Some people might call it a stunt but it is delicious and exciting. The luxury car maker has roped in “The Avant/Garde Diaries” digital magazine and Jason Bruges Studio, a multimedia firm to create a temporary restaurant fixture where you can dine in your car. They have named it the “MERCEDES DRIVE-THRU” and the entire ambience has been created to provide an exceptional sensory experience. The drive thru has been created in the lobby of London’s old Selfridge Hotel. You simply drive in and place your orders. The whole place has been lit up and the experience is no less than a disco light show. Eventually, waiters on inline skates bring the food to your car.

Top British Food Artists Have Curated the Menu

The menu has also been developed to match the ‘A Class’ occasion. Just the average burger and fries would not be able to match the status of Mercedes. The luxury car maker has again commissioned the very best for the purpose as the menu is being curated by British food artists Sam Bompas and Harry Parr. This Mercedes Drive Thru concept sounds so exciting that one hopes that it becomes a permanent fixture but at the moment it has been planned for a limited time period only. It has basically been devised to promote the September 15 market launch of the new Mercedes A Class and will run through September 13 to September 16. Do drive through and enjoy the Mercedes experience.

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