Mercedes-Benz Sprinter: Luxury Trailer or Aircraft on Wheels?

Becker Automotive Design has crafted a specially furnished Mercedes-Benz Sprinter that aims to match the interiors of a luxurious aircraft and is displayed at the New York International Auto Show in Jacob Javits Convention Center of Manhattan. Becker Jet Van’s Mercedes Benz Sprinter, which doubles up as a luxury home was recently displayed with its ultra-luxurious amenities and thanks to its more customized luxurious mobile home-cum-office, it met with approval from many people. Mercedes-Benz spinter is the inspiration of Air Force One, and the guys in the house collaborated with Becker Automotive Design, which transformed the van in many ways.

The air plane flaunts an ultra luxury styling which has already impressed a list of celebrities like Denzel Washington, Bruce Springsteen, Tiger Woods, and Jennifer Lopez, and they have all been previous customers of Becker JetVan. The van satisfies each one with its safety norms, utility, comfort and crafted luxury techno highlights like 500-GB on board computer, flat-screen TV, an audio system of 1,300 watt, 7.1 digital processors from Creston. The perfection includes foldable aviation style writing tables, air filtration system with the AC, adjustable leg extenders, 6-inch touch screen control panels, seats adjusters, adjustable lighting and blinds. The Becker boasts being the World’s Premiere Luxury Coach Builder right from a luxury jet liner to something else and it comes with features like techno-luxurious fittings, internet, design, seating arrangement with large leather chair; The Sprinter is more of a private jet on wheels.

The van features one-of-a-kind luxury with reclining seats, HD flat screen, Macintosh amplifiers. It offers all the luxury amenities one can buy with money including Townsend leather interior, side entry door, center dividers, reclining seat is equipped with seat heater, lumbar support and leg rests, which can be adjusted electrically. Becker Jet Van’s Mercedes Benz Sprinter  is inspired by a luxury jet liner on wheels rather than  a trailer as it consists of seating arrangement,  designs, and its luxurious fittings. The mobile home Sprinter features an entire passenger cabin controlled by AV systems, lighting, seat adjustments and computer functions.

The Sprinter is powered by an overhead cam, diesel engine which is of a 3.0-L BlueTEC technology. A system called Diesel Exhaust Fluid Injection injects a solution into the exhaust, which converts nitrogen oxides into harmless water and nitrogen. It is as clean as gasoline engine and cargo capacity of 547 cubic feet. General Manager for Mercedes-Benz, Claus Tritt, said,  ‘The Sprinter is approved  by Becker Automotive Design as it is an unparallel fusion of endless versatility, efficiency and quality. The trailer contributes to ideas of perfection which is tailored to individual needs. Its luxurious environment, spacious and magnificent craftsmanship make it an ideal vehicle for the City of New York. It can be used for office work and sightseeing at the same time.

CEO Howard Becker says that the team meets clients to provide plan the designs for their van. Most of the clients like to replicate the design of the aircraft regarding features, materials and colors. Even they discuss video equipment, audio tastes, leather type, cabinet design and lighting.


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