McIntosh Introduces its New Lifestyle Focused Website at CES

McIntosh has long been in the business of providing top notch home entertainment and ultimate-quality audio products. At CES this year, its agenda wasn’t just restricted to their product lineup. Too woo the privileged section of the society they previewed their luxury-lifestyle oriented website at CES.

The website will bestow an up close and personal look at the overall McIntosh experience upon both longtime McIntosh loyalists as well as newcomers. This experience is believed to show people how beautifully music can be brought to their lives owing to the company’s top notch entertainment and audio products. McIntosh has resorted to showcasing variety of system solutions in an attractive lifestyle environment to come forth as the ultimate provider of a unique luxury listening experience.

Through this website the company wants to be portrayed as a provider of no-compromise products. Some of the products on their showcase will include acclaimed “MANHATTAN” home audio system (MXA60), and “SOHO” collection, a superlative two-channel system solution that with the MT10 turntable with pre-amplifier and loudspeakers. This company website will also help the visitors find the nearest authorized McIntosh dealer to help them customize their system which is in sync with lifestyle/livings needs.

Via: BusinessWire

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