Markus Dottling Announces Magnus for Azerbaijan, a Luxury Safe

Magnus, the company, since four generation is known for craftsmanship, blacksmithing and locksmithing in south Germany. The exclusive collection consists of high security locks which are well known in the world for their aesthetics and quality. According to clients’ functional demands they are unique, and these luxury safes are of unparalleled beauty with security standards. The size and interiors depend on clients’ personal passion and is customized accordingly. The high-end luxury safe maker Markus Dottling has handcrafted world’s smallest safe colosimo and the master piece the skeleton which is custom made.

Now the latest bel air series are of high security safes. This is designed to accommodate watch collection for high-end customers from Azerbaijan. The piece is called “A Magnus for Azerbaijan” and has the craftsmanship in signature style. The luxury details of this high security safe are unique which has attracted the attention of many.

The interior of the luxury safe features glossy lacquered burled poplar, and inlay doors. There are five windows that are artificially lighted for displayed luxury watches of the client on presentation stand with the leather stitched fillings. In addition to this, there are ten more drawers which offer rooms with hand sewn cushions for 210 watches. The high security Magnus claims to have a hidden secret enclosure which can be opened through a special mechanism which carries a unique lock system functions giving out an alarm to serve as a personal vault. So Magnus serves both as a personal vault and a show case where the luxury watches are displayed. The cost of the Magnus is not mentioned.

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