Mariah Carey Spoiling Her to be Born Twins With Expensive Nursery

Mariah Carey is expecting twins and they sure are lucky as she with her husband Nick Cannon is making all efforts to create a large, luxurious and impeccable nursery for them. The children are going to be added to the list of those with the silver spoon, or should we call it golden spoon in their mouth. Mariah has transformed a whole wing in their Beverly Hills house into an expensive and luxurious nursery.

The nursery will have a full walk in wardrobe with Petit Tresor designer clothes. The furnishings are excellent. If newborns can be surprised then the twins are in for a very pleasant surprise. The hi-tech, high end gadgets are also all there. Things like flat screen TV that comes down from the ceiling, top-of-the-range sound system and diamond encrusted iPods are some of the tech features of that nursery.

This expensive nursery has been designed by Kenneth Bordewick and it will feature Chelsea sleigh cribs, a Clara changing table and Glam Glider chairs. A red-crushed velvet, 24-carat gold and onyx sofa that was used for Michael Jackson’s shows will also be part of that nursery. Mariah Carey has declared that her children will be the most spoilt brats on the planet and she has started spoiling them even before they have come down on the planet.

Via: contactmusic

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