Malle Spa, a True Companion

T.T. trunk is one company which hardly needs any introduction. We have got to agree to the fact that nobody has seen the likes of the T.T. trunks when it comes to durability and style. The company has added another line of pool and spa trunks to their existing range of trunks and has named it “Malle Spa”.

Malle Spa is an ideal companion if you have a spa at your home, you won’t need that extra baggage to carry your drinks, towels and all your paraphernalia, its just one trunk and you will be sorted. It comes in two colors, classy carbon black and majestic white.

It features spacious drawers which will provide enough room for your books, magazines, shoes. Your books getting wet should be the least of your worries as it has a different compartment to keep the drinks. The lid, present on the top of it, provides space for all the utilities which one needs very often, like cell phone, ipod, camera etc. If you have a pool and a spa at your home this will be the perfect add-on.

Besides this, T.T. trunk has a huge variety of trunks for you to choose from, like Malle MiniBar, Malle Cigare, Malle Champagne and Vanity.

via: T.T.trunks

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