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Magnum Marine 100: Italian indulgence dancing on the waves with pomp!

Waves, sand and speedboats- Florida is pretty much the home for all of those and a lot more. Magnum Marine, hailing from the region was a sensation when it came to speedboats and rush on the waves in the 60’s and 870’s with its success on the racing circuit. Then sold to Italian royalty, Marchese Filippo Theodoli, in the year of 1976, the speedboat firm took a whole new direction under fine-Italian craftsmanship and their desire for the ultimate thrill on the waves. Clubbing both comfort and adrenaline, luxury with perfection and form with function the latest Magnum marine 100 is the epitome of majesty on waves.

Designed ever so elegantly by Alberto Mancini, this twin 2600 HP MTU diesel engine-powered damsel shouts out style, along with the incredible oomph that it can generate. Sleek and sexy in its make, the carbon fiber and advanced composites build keeps the weight-to-power ratio well in check while the indoor and outdoor seating, dining and viewing areas along with an expandable top make the yacht a modern technological marvel that will steal the thunder out at sea.

What is also impressive is its eco-friendly mode while at the dock and the four double staterooms below deck that offer you ample privacy. So what is the price tag on this ultra-posh Italian masterpiece? We will let you know as soon as it is out… Till then, wait for the Magnum Marine 100!

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