Madiz up for grabs: World’s very first steel superyacht set to find a new dock

Built way back in 1902, the Madiz not only stakes claim to the title of the oldest steel superyacht on the planet, but also is the very first vehicle to be classified as such. This not only makes it a unique and extremely valuable piece of maritime history, but an antique that is simply priceless. The last surviving ship to have been personally designed by legendary G. L. Watson, the ships glory days were back in the 1940’s and 50’s when it was a Royal Patrol Yacht during the second world War. Having guests on board such as Queen Elizabeth and King George VI, Madiz surely knows what royalty is all about.

Built by the Ailsa Shipyard in Troon, Scotland, is now all set to move on and find a new home with its current owner finally willing to let go of his prized possession; since he first took incharge of it way back in 1972. Fitted with twin 650hp MTU Maybach diesel engines capable of 11.5 knots, the revamped and rejuvenated superyacht is all set to not just dip you in luxury, but take you back in time as well.

The price tag of €7.8 million is nothing compared to the historic significance and the heritage that comes along with the Madiz… dream yacht of every old-school sailor!

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