Luxury Real Estate: SoHo Triplex Penthouse At New York 10012 Up For Sale At $25 Million

Property Name: SoHo Triplex Penthouse

Location: 95 Greene Street, New York,10012

Listed Price: $25 Million


New York City (NYC), also globally renowned as the ‘city that never sleeps’ is now the platform for one of the most creative of luxury homes in the form of the SoHo Triplex Penthouse that located at 95 Greene Street in the prestigious New York 10012 zip code. This magnificent marvel of engineering has been put together by its current owner, who meticulously combined three luxury penthouses to create the SoHo Triplex Penthouse, making it a crown jewel of the modern luxury homes for sale. This one of a kind penthouse is sprawled across 10,000 square feet and occupies an entire floor, while accentuating this luxury property’s exclusivity as well as its elegance are the antique doors imported from Paris, measuring staggering 9 feet in height. One of the most striking features of the SoHo Triplex Penthouse is its custom made glass-encased staircase leading that leads all the way to the terrace and provides a unique additions  to the property’s elegance.

The SoHo Triplex Penthouse comes with 20 feet high panoramic windows and the interiors are adorned with Venetian paint work that has been accomplished by skilled artisans from Florence. This magnificent luxury real estate is the epitome to a luxurious residence in an urban setting, as the house features a mega kitchen, designed by the legendary, Philip Stark, providing equipment as well as settings befitting a professional chef. The kitchen is fitted some of the most state of the art kitchen appliances, while aesthetically, the kitchen floor has been decorated in exquisite stone flooring that has been imported straight from French countryside. The SoHo Triplex Penthouse comes with cutting edge amenities such as a fully wired Crestron home automation system, central air conditioning along with a Jacuzzi. The Penthouse itself is housed in a vintage building dating back to the year 1860 and the upscale neighborhood to this magnificent residence is composed of European designers, art galleries and highly revered restaurants and bars.

The sale of the stunning SoHo Triplex Penthouse is currently being overseen by . The luxury penthouse is being offered with a 90% finance option, while the minimum down payment for the house has been set at $2.5 million.

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  • Hi, this is Jay from South Korea.
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    Is it available to rent this house for filming shooting?
    I need it just one day. It should be 5th of March 2012.
    The shooting is about Lingeries called Fidelia
    collabolation with Vera Wang.
    I want to knkow the price of renting a house per one day.

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