Luxury Hunter: Andrew Atkin, CEO, Groupenture

Luxury cannot be restricted to planning a vacation to Vegas, staying in seven-star property on king-sized beds or burning $$$$ in Casinos. There are affluent who associate luxury with adventure and are hunting for that one quality adventure trip every six months. Andrew Atkin, CEO, Groupenture is the man who realised these desires of wealthy and came up with the first Group Buying Site for adventure travel.

And now he is in news for coming up with The Groupenture Partner Network, an adventure travel affiliate program. And we managed to speak to him and gather the insights about his plans with this affiliate program and how he feels that the affluent class befits as his targeted consumers.

Here more from Andrew on his association with travel industry:

1)    Andrew, kindly introduce yourself to my readers and take us through your usual flow of the day.

Groupenture is a global group buying marketplace. Thus, I find myself working at strange hours due to the locations of our partners.  Early in the morning I am usually focused on Groupenture operations such as technology, customer service, marketing and sales with my team here in Minnesota.  Later in the day I am usually on the phone with our European partners and tour operators.  Finally, around 10 PM I am usually speaking with our partners in Asia and the South Pacific.

2)    Tell us more about your adventure travel affiliate program — The Groupenture Partner Network and your inspiration behind it. Also, share with us the activities offered as a part of adventure travel to your discerning customers?

a.       First let’s talk about Groupenture is the first group buying site focused exclusively on Adventure Travel.  Consumers can save up to 50% on luxury adventure tours by booking as part of a larger group.  We organize 500 Tours across 6 continents representing every type of adventure activity.  We make Adventure Travel affordable.

b.      Groupenture has created the Groupenture Partner Network to help us get the word out to hundreds of thousands of consumers. Leading travel blogs and communities partner with Groupenture to create their own Groupenture Marketplace.  Each time one of their readers purchases through their marketplace the blog owner receives a share of the revenue. Groupenture provides these partners with a comprehensive set of marketing tools to help promote their site.

Here are some links to what our partners are doing:
Sharing Travel Experiences

3)    How many tour operators have you tied up with? What continents/countries do you currently cater to for adventure activities? Which is the most adventurous destination that you offer?

We currently have over 100 tour operators across 6 continents.  I think some of the most adventurous tours we have are:

Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro

Mountain Biking Through Bryce and Zion National Parks

Heli-skiing  in the Rockies

A Rally Tour in Armenia

3)    Name few of the content providers who have launched their own branded Adventure Travel Group Buying Site using the Groupenture technology platform.

EuropeUpClose, GloboTreks, TravelGoGirl, JourneyEtc, TheBigFatWorld, ChrisInSouthKorea, Imagine, TRavelJunkie, BeLuxuryMagazine, PinoyBro, UrFree2bu, Ste, ErrTravel, BackPackingWorldWide, Brookevstheworld

4)    What remains the revenue share basis for,, tour operators and The Groupenture Partner Network?

a.       For each member that books through their site the partner receives a share of Groupenture Revenue

5)    What is the affiliate revenue that content providers from the travel industry can expect per lead having joined The Groupenture Partner Network? And what is the %age discount that savvy readers/prospective travellers get having availed your services?  Do you think Corporates can be your key market?

Content providers can receive $60-$100 per booking.  We do not discount by age.  The size of the group determines the discount. Our price is defined on 3 tiers depending upon number of travellers in a group:

Tier 1: 0-6 travellers (no discount)
Tier 2: 7-10 travellers (20-25% discount)
Tier 3: 14-15 travellers (35-50% discount)

The kind of adventure travel experience that we offer here at Groupenture Partner Network will not accommodate regular office goers as it is relatively designed for only high Income traveller. Someone who has lot of money but is short on time. We offer them African Safaris and stay in Safari lodges along with Starwood accommodation.

6)    What amenities do you offer to a discerning traveller who loves luxury and adventure at the same time? What special access do you offer to your client belonging to a wealthy class?

1.  Luxury travellers are often very selective about who they travel with.  We provide these travellers the ability to create their own group of friends and family and receive a great discount.

2. We provide the luxury traveller the ability to easily find out everything they need to know about the trip through the Groupenture Briefings Program.  Travellers’ can meet face to face with their guides through our online group video conference system.

3. We provide luxury travellers with the ability to learn about their destination before they go.  We have a Go Native sections to find local recipes, music, movies, key language phrases and apparel appropriate to the destination they have selected.

4. Everyone like to save up to 50%

7)    Whom do your consider as your peers as group buying is such an “in” thing?

We are the first in the adventure travel space.  There are other providers offering deals on other luxury lifestyle categories

8)    Who designs the itineraries to be sold over the marketplace? Is there a flexibility that travellers (a group of 10 plus) gets an access to bespoke itineraries?

The Tour Operators design and price their own tours.  Typically, an Adventure Tour is best with 15 -20 people.  Bespoke itineraries are available.

9)  Where do you see The Groupenture Partner Network in next 5 years?

We will be opening 3 other niche marketplaces by the end of 2012 i.e Wine, Home Services (home improvement) and Home Health care.

10)  Give us your views on

Beautiful layout…very elegant.   Broad selection of luxury topics that is current. Like the luxury tech gizmos section.

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