Luxury Hunter: Adam Nathu, Founder, Barradoro Entertainment Club

There is no dearth of affluent individuals who welcome an opportunity to splurge few extra $$$$ on an itinerary designed that saves time. You may discover they apply this Mantra not only in business room but take it home when planning a vacation with their dear ones.

Their personal balance sheet reads: “Time” on the top followed by “Leisure” “Satisfaction” “Quality of life” “Experiences” on the assets side and “Hotel Booking” “Events” “Luxury consultant” “Airfares” and “Private Membership clubs” on the liability side. If you are in the luxury business then make sure you build their assets column while extracting money for those services from them. Yes, if your business mind understands the psychology of the wealthy class then surely you are on your way to be a next “Elite entrepreneur.”

I would like to honour Adam Nathu, Founder, Barradoro Entertainment Club as an “Elite entrepreneur.”  Here he shares his journey from being a first class graduate of Cass Business School to starting his own luxury services, events and marketing company at only 18 and post graduation his entry into the world of finance working as an Investment consultant to HNWIs in private wealth management in Switzerland and then moving into the private equity and venture capital industry before finally deciding to invest himself.

It is Adam’s lure for business combined with a taste for the finer things in life that led to the birth of Barradoro, a private-membership club. I covered the news about the much-anticipated lavish launch of the club in July 2011 via a “7 Events 7 Cities 7 Days for £125,000” package on our sister site EliteChoice.

Here we have Adam sharing insights about the pre-launch and post-launch plans for Barradoro:

1) Adam, tell us about yourself and your multi-industry experience.

I have always had an interest in a variety of disciplines in life. Whilst I have a sound academic background in Actuarial Science (I graduated with a 1st degree with Honours from Cass Business School), I continually seek to expose myself to other subjects, new ideas and challenges. One of my earlier businesses was in marketing and promotions. This venture encouraged me to think creatively and understand the dynamics of a variety of different markets. When creating new opportunities for myself and others, I aim to balance the risks and pay-offs for the parties involved so that everyone benefits as a collective body. I feel this leads to longevity of relationships and consistent growth.

Following graduation I moved to Switzerland to work in Private Wealth Management as an Investment consultant to HNWIs and independent family offices. The variety and nature of my work here was second to none. The environment was conducive to forging international relations and large commercial deals, whilst maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of such matters. Having had success advising clients on both the acquisition and operations of private companies in their portfolios, I then chose to move more fully into Venture Capital and Private Equity more generally. I spent time in North America consulting with clients in these spaces and was active in about twenty transactions and/or advising on the future growth of the company. Soon after, I decided to invest myself.

2) Introduce us to your idea of Barradoro Entertainment Club?

Barradoro conceptually began at the beginning of 2010 as a platform for my international clients to come together for social and business purposes. The innovation of interactive live events is the added value we give to induce new connections and relationships, as participants share experiences truly unique to them.

Barradoro, thus consists of two divisions – the design and production of live entertainment events, and the Barradoro Club a private-membership based organisation that comprises of 100 individuals. Our Members gain exclusive access to our collection of showcase events around World that combine luxury lifestyle, imagination, entertainment and modern style. We provide our members with the opportunity to build relationships with extraordinary and like-minded individuals.

We encourage collaboration between our members, and the Club’s objective is to empower, connect and inspire members through events in Theatre, Film, Fashion, Art, Music, Sport and Travel.

3) What is the membership criterion for Barradoro Entertainment Club? Is this based on an official invitation or open to wealthy globally meeting certain yardsticks?

The Barradoro Club requires a formal invitation from a club representative, as it is a presupposition that we see that person would both benefit from the Club and contribute in return to others. However, we keep an open mind when accepting new members and some accepted members directly approached the Club themselves having heard about its inception. We have a finite number of members which is unusual but we believe the quality of the Barradoro Club is high.

4) What is your inspiration behind it and what made you launch the club via “7 Events 7 Cities 7 Days for £125, 000,” an all-inclusive elite holiday package? Why these 7 locations only?

Barradoro is a platform for unique talent, collaboration and diversity and we wanted to stage these performances in international cities that share these attributes. The World Tour is a benefit of the membership to the Club and is a launch event encapsulating all the values of the Club. We also wanted to strike a balance between the luxury journey and the adrenaline-fuelled adventure and found a week optimum time to do this.

5) Share with us the number of aspirants already approved for this elite package and tell us more about them. Is there a possibility to accommodate more in case there are more than 100 plus?

Whilst I must abstain from naming members, I can indicate that the club currently contains prominent business people and entrepreneurs, financiers and influential leaders, celebrities and cultural icons. We have successfully achieved a diverse mix of individuals both in terms of who they are and where they are from. The reason why we have set a finite limit on the number of members is in order that everyone will know everyone else within the Club. It is not necessary at this stage to increase our membership base but may be a consideration in the future.

6) Tell us about the detailed itinerary alongside events happening in every city.

The itinerary is currently held back from public domain to protect the interest of the participants and the respective parties involved as they prepare themselves for this experience. However, it includes (but is not limited to) luxury chauffeur transfers, ultra-first class private chartered flights, champagne receptions, Michelin starred dining, Spa treatments, Bespoke shopping experiences, world class music performances, and five star hotel accommodation.

7) Can the discerning individuals anticipate more such trips in coming years?

Membership with the Barradoro Club is life-long and whilst the World Tour scheduled for July 2011 won’t take place again, our members will be given the opportunity to partake in future events and travel experiences we produce.

8) What all services Barradoro aims at offering to its affluent members in long run?

Barradoro does not have to compete with other luxury service companies present in the market place, whether they are jet charters, concierge or chauffeur services. Barradoro can be seen as a vehicle and platform to collaborate what the existing and innovate something of our own like the World Tour, which satisfies the needs for our members. The Barradoro Club strives to share the resources of each member with each other because as a collective we are much stronger.

9) Can we expect the revenue from this initiative add to a good cause/charity or is it purely a business model?

I am a firm believer in philanthropy and altruism. However, I feel mixing it with commercial activities is a conflict of interest and I have a duty of care to my shareholders. The Barradoro Club however does hope to work with charities and NGOs in the near future.

10) What is the membership criterion to avail easy access for this tour particularly?

We are often described as “the most exclusive club” to gain entry, and whilst this may be true, we are openly positive to all aspiring members. There maybe however be external factors to prevent entry i.e. If an applicant is ineligible for a visa in a particular country then participating in the World Tour is unlikely. These circumstances would be handled in the strictest confidence with the participant. Generally speaking, provided a person has the financial capacity for membership, we welcome individuals from any part of the world and background.
11) There is no dearth of private clubs today. Whom do you consider as your peers?

I agree, there are a number of private clubs available, whether online through social networks or more traditional physical social clubs. In my opinion, the online networks are so large there is no constructive method of accessing the membership base and sharing the resources of the members within. Furthermore, it is not a convenient platform to user if one is wealthy or famous due to privacy issues. I also suspect that the activity of an atypical member decreases over time.

Social clubs serve a great purpose as a social or business meeting place, and the majority of our Club members utilize those that exist, so there is no need for Barradoro to duplicate this product. Again, in these communities it is in the interest of the Club to grow their membership base as it is their predominant revenue stream but to me this is counter intuitive to preserving the original members, which is why many individuals switch clubs. The Barradoro Club is chosen by those who want close relationships with the world’s social and business elite, who are geographically and culturally diverse and enjoy luxury lifestyle, travel, and world-class entertainment.

12) What is your opinion about the events like “The Global Party” a party of Royaltons scheduled for 15 September 2011 at 80 plus world’s finest locations (from Amsterdam to Rio to New York and Dubai and Shanghai) witnessing more than 80,000 plus elite guests?

I respect the people behind The Global Party as I understand it is in support of the charity ARK and on behalf of the Club, I wish them the best success in their endeavour.

The Global Party: 24-hour blow-out with 80, 000 Guests Bets Entry in Guinness Book of World Records

13) Is your luxury services, events and marketing company that you started when you were 18 still on?

I divided the business and then sold the constituents as a trade sale, prior to graduating university. I could see the market was becoming saturated and I wanted to make an exit at attractive valuation, as well as transition into the financial world.

14) Where do you see Barradoro in 2020?

Barradoro will continue to be Imagineering. Our members will still hold the values and philosophies of the Club and continue to share resources and collaborate together with the aim to have positive effects in many countries around the world.

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