Luxury Hotel in Japan Creates 6ft Train Diorama in a Suite for Train Lovers

Tourism industry is growing thanks to the new innovative ideas and range of services that are being offered to lure and entertain tourists. Most luxury hotels offer specialized services to different kinds of people depending on their hobbies, décor and food choices and outdoor and indoor activities they prefer but some of them come up with offbeat ideas. A hotel in Nagano, Japan has created a special 6ft train model in a luxury suite for guests who love trainspotting. Train lovers will have to shell out £695 to spend a night or £24 an hour.

Japan is well known for its all kinds of amazing trains which zip fast at great speeds so the nation must be hooked on to the trains and bullet trains are tourist attraction for foreign tourists as well. Hotel Metropolitan’s idea of installing train diorama which depicts miniature Nagano and its best tourist spots and runs four different types of trains including the bullet may work in attracting crazy train lovers.

So next time you are in Japan and are hesitating to board one of the overcrowded trains during commuting hours then do visit Hotel Metropolitan to experience it all in a different style. Apparently one can view real bullet trains from the suite windows so it’s the best place for train lovers.

Via The Telegraph

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