Simplicity: A Luxury Glass House Project

A precise shape in extreme elegance is an aesthetic pleasure for everyone. Carlo Santambrogio, and the designer Ennio Arosio, the Italian duo have designed a unique collection named simplicity. The creation of home is characterized by the concepts based on shapes through which you could see everything. The conceptual home is a part of unique collection named Simplicity. A glass house with interiors made up of other glass elements like bed, bathtub, staircase, furniture, a kitchen etc.

For the construction of each element, the use of the glass sheets of thirty mm thickness with extra clarity is needed. It is hardened with treatment of special procedures to ensure total security and stratified for extreme brilliancy and purity, which does not require any supporting elements. The concept of transparency is impressive and looks like a showroom.

The architect Carlo Santambrogio, is a reality entrepreneur who materialize his projects in glass which are art pieces. The creations can integrate with all conditions of the daily life having uniqueness and exclusive character. He has designed concept of glass homes and the glass furnishings collection. The collection named SIMPLICITY   aims at “transparent” shape. The precision is the dominating essence in living spaces. Though the elements are emphatically distinguishable, they won’t overpower the ambiance. There is a balance in the surrounds with perfect interdependency. The essential feature is uniqueness either it is single element or complex projects, varying in finish, dimension and shape, as well as personalization. The transparent staircase is entirely in glass without steel profile. The integrating glass with wood becomes concrete in kitchen and tub.

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