Luxurious Aromatic Candles with Healing Powers Offer a Decadent Lifestyle

Soothing fragrance of aromatic candles are popular and the distilled essential oils from the plants have healing effects on person’s mood and health. In the evening if you light aromatic candles, you will definitely enjoy the a relaxed and peaceful time after a tiresome, stressful day of work. As you inhale the essential oil vapors of aromatherapy candles, they will be infused into the blood stream, helping to affect the person’s physical and psychological state.

The candles are handcrafted using vintage teacups of 1950’s. The manufacturer of the aromatic candles in the kitchen finds the vintage teacups to be perfect. The essential oils used are 16oz of red thyme and 16oz of rosemary and lemongrass.

The candle’s aroma helps to remove mental stress, promotes growth of hair removing dandruff, improving indigestion, relieving cold and cough. It is also a mosquito repellent so you can sleep well keeping the dengue at bay. Bespoke orders will be taken with different combination of oils to make candles. Always the essential oils used will be in higher ratio to the wax. The handcrafter uses a pure form of ingredients without using harmful colorants or chemicals in the candles. They are priced at $20.00.

Of course, the candles may not be particularly luxurious, but the idea of aromatic candles wafting their fragrances through your expensive rooms and flats should tell you why aromatic candles are so decadent and luxurious. In fact, when you have those snooty visitors to your house, they will first notice the fragrance in the air, instead of your rich collection of artefacts.

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