Luxuria Condominium in South Florida Attracts Canadian Aristocrats

South Florida has always been the dream destination for many Americans who crave for sunny skies, salty smell and lush tropical beaches. Moreover, Florida is also the place where the hip and the young go to party, and the old and the middle aged like to retire. With a diverse Latin and Anglo Saxon culture, Florida has already made its mark as the dream property destination.

Now, Buyers from Canada are coming in droves too, especially those from the Eastern part of Canada, in Toronto. It shouldn’t be a surprise anyway, for it is cold, harsh and gloomy and Canadians crave for sunny skies. The Trump Group has unveiled the 25 residence, 10 storied building called Luxuria which are being touted as estate condominiums.

The area of these properties range between 4,500 to 13,000 square feet and are priced between $3 million and $15 million. Since the Canadian dollar is very strong, they are able to purchase these luxury accommodations which even the richest in the U.S would currently think twice about. Balconies are about 7,000 square feet and that is several times larger than the biggest houses that I have seen!

Image (Not of the actual location)

Via: Calgary Herald

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