LuXplosion 2010: Yvan Rodic Nominated For The Haute Consultants Category

Fashion brands might be slow in adapting to the online channels for retail but fashion blogs have become hugely popular with people across the world, who likes to follow contemporary fashion and latest developments. Yvan Rodic, the Swiss born street fashion photographer has created a huge fan base for his posts in a relatively short time. Yvan had started working in Paris but has since shifted base to London from where he operates his blog ‘Face Hunter’ which he started in January 2006.

Face Hunter has become a part of life for an increasing number of his fans. They eagerly await his posts that uncovers fashion gems lurking amongst the endless hordes dressed in Top Shop and H&M. His diehard fans find it thrilling to be the first to comment on his post. They keep visiting his trailer on You Tube to raise its ratings. In the mean time Yvan keeps prowling up and down Brick Lane on his daily hunt. He does not rest till he finds his interesting face for his next post on the Face Hunter. Yvan Rodic’s fans will be very happy to know that he and his blog Face Hunter has been nominated under the Haute Consultants category at the LuXplosion 2010.

People have been curious about how Yvan chooses what to shoot. He says that he does not want a circus but prefers something simple with a twist. And in fact that is what appeals to his fans. He has the inborn ability spot a great shot even in most unlikely of places. No detail escapes his beady hunter eyes. His photographs are not just about the clothes. He says he is attracted by the charisma and uniqueness of the people. He likes to present the combination of the person and the background and the style. Yvan is getting better with experience and the rising expectations of his fans keep him on his toes to deliver better photographs. You can follow him on Facebook.

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