LuXplosion 2010: Uncrate Nominated For The Decadent Gadgets Category

Luxury itself isn’t limited to one gender only, in a manner that, the exclusivity it carries with itself is meant for both men and women to enjoy equally while segregating the types of products and services preferred by both genders. With rapid growth of the luxury market and an astronomical evolution of the Internet, the web now is full of luxury blogs and lifestyle blogs that cater to the luxury vertical, featuring some of the most exquisite items that the luxury industry has to offer for both men and women. In this foray, stands a apart a luxury blog, that is not only an impeccable source for the latest luxury news, but is custom tailored exclusively for men. We are talking about the immensely famous, Uncrate, a leading luxury blog, whose sole purpose is find the best and the most exclusive men’s gear, especially in the field of technology featuring some of the most astounding and state of the art gadgets and gizmos. With this remarkable portfolio, Uncrate has now been nominated for the Decadent Gadgets category at the LuXplosion 2010.

Founded in the year 2005, Uncrate has since then come a long way from just being an online entity in to a leading name in men’s trends and is currently available online as a blog as well as offline in the form of magazines. One of the foremost qualities that set apart Uncrate from the rest of the crowd, is this luxury blog’s ability to report of the latest finds in men’s gear as they happen. Uncrate has been widely acclaimed for its real time coverage of product launches such as gadgets, tools, clothing, cars, drinks, music, movies, books, home items etc., while this highly informative blog is also considered to be a leading source of featured articles on various topics including events, destinations, and various services. Uncrate enjoys a reputable rank 6 in Google PageRank, while this incredibly popular luxury blog has been given an overall 7,563 position in the quarterly global traffic rankings by Alexa. Uncrate enjoys an impressive 180,000 monthly unique visitors with 2.2 million page views, while being most popular in the U.S and Canada.

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