LuXplosion 2010: The Leading Hotels Of The World Nominated For The Luxury Hotel Networks Category

In the modern 21st century, where the entire lifestyle of the masses is now dominated by technology, information has now become the ultimate tool for success or in the case of the travel industry, one of the most vital means of earning revenues and attracting guests as well as travelers. The advent of the Internet and the subsequent popularization of the web, has now provided the users with a dedicated information distribution system, with which they are now able to get the best comments, feedbacks and reviews in regards to travel destinations, hotels etc. Luxury hotel networks across the globe are utilizing the web to reach to the masses and give them most accurate information that the users seek. One such impeccable luxury hotel network is the Leading Hotels of The World (LHW), that has since its inception in the year 1928, has provided travelers with valuable and critical information in regards to some of the most reputed and famous hotels in the world. With its immense reputation and credibility, the Leading Hotels of The World has now been nominated for the Luxury Hotel Networks category at the LuXplosion 2010.

The LHW network represents some 450 hotels, resorts and spas, located in over 80 countries around the world and this phenomenal hospitality organization is also considered to be one of the largest international luxury hotel brand. With marketing offices in more than 22 countries across the globe, LHW has established itself as one of the most successful and premier luxury hotel networks in the hospitality industry. The LHW besides offering a wealth of knowledge to the users, also cater extensively to the hotel brands comprising its network. These hotels are offered some of the most professional services such as brand licensing, technical & training consultation, revenue optimization, sales, marketing etc. to help them succeed and create a reputable brand image in the market.

The Leading Hotels of The World enjoys comfortable 6th rank by Google PageRank and Alexa places this incredible luxury hotel network at 56,178 position in its quarterly global traffic rankings. The LHW portal received about 85,000 monthly unique visitors, along with an impressive 2 million page views.

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