LuXplosion 2010: Serious Eats Nominated For The Sinful Dining Category

The realm of dining, especially in the United States  is a very vast and complex topic, that is dominated by intense scrutiny and also by a number of dining etiquette, making it one of the most cherished and commented upon topics. Dotted by a plethora of fast food joints, high end restaurants and other dining establishments, New York has for a long time now, been at the center of the dining phenomenon. Taking the readers across a glorious and well educated trip across the foremost restaurants in NY, Serious Eats has fast become a leading authority in providing useful and critical information, reviews and recommendations for the locals as well as the tourists, who look forward to having a fine as well as a memorable dining experience in the city that never sleeps. For its intense and thorough reporting on various cuisines, recipes and delicacies such as hot dogs, hamburgers, ice cream and cheesecakes, Serious Eats has now been nominated for the Sinful Dining category at the LuXplosion 2010.

Serious Eats was founded by Ed Levine, a foremost food writer and blogger, who along with a team of contributors, whom he refers to as ‘Missionaries of Delicious’ went on to create this incredible dining blog in the year 2008. Ed Levine is well known for his contributory writing for New York Times and dining writings have been published in some of the most respected journals and newspapers such as GQ, BusinessWeek etc. Ed Levine is also the author of two related books, ‘New York Eats’ and ‘New York Eats (More)’, highlighting the exponentially growing food scene in New York. Serious Eats sits at a revered 6th rank on Google PageRank and this immaculately composed dining blog has recorded 30,000 monthly unique visitors along with 760,000 page views, while being ranked at 6,934 in Alexa’s global traffic rankings.

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