LuXplosion 2010: Rolex Nominated For Tourbillion Times Category

Rolex watches are synonymous with luxury and status. If you are affluent and do not own a Rolex, there has got to be something wrong with you, or so goes the rumour. Well, if you have enough money, and you were looking for a great watch, Rolex surely has to be your top priority. The company needs no introduction and Rolex was even ranked 71 by Businessweek in its list of 100 most valuable global brands.

The company has revenue of more than $3 billion and produces more than 2,000 watches every day. The company is most famous for its jewelled watches that take everyone’s breaths away. The company surely knows how to keep its audience hooked to luxury and fashion, as there couldn’t be another company who could rival in the realm of watches.

Rolex could be what you were looking for all your life, but never realized! So go ahead and be a little kind to yourself and purchase a Rolex watch so that you have something to cherish and value. In fact, Rolex watches could easily be heirlooms treasures for decades. This is perhaps why we chose them in our list of 5 nominees for Tourbillion Times. Click here to vote for this nominee.

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