LuXplosion 2010: Natalie Goldstein Nominated For The Haute Consultants Category

You don’t think much before handing over your new house or apartment to an interior designer to transform it into a luxurious, modern and comfortable home. Personal styling and image today also requires professional help to transform you into a more confident, charismatic and attractive you. A great stylist is to someone’s wardrobe what a great interior designer is to someone’s home. Luxury Lifestyle Consultants help you define your style. Founded by Natalie Goldstein, a well traveled fashion industry expert the company helps busy executives and entrepreneurs who are always hard pressed for time.

Luxury Lifestyle Consultants creates a clear and quick closet for its clients which is ready for every occasion. Prior to their purchase decision they discuss in detail the clients lifestyle and look during a typical week, their interests, hobbies and practically everything else. Their services come in really handy when you have to get ready for a special occasion like Galas and important Award Shows. They take the stress away from the process and depending on your mood can put together something classy and elegant or simply spectacular for you. Their gift buying services are used extensively by corporate and individuals alike. And for their consistent performance Luxury Lifestyle Consultants have been nominated for the Haute Consultants Category at the LuXplosion 2010.

Natalie Goldstein, the founder of Luxury Lifestyle Consultants is always striving to discover something new. She does not believe in sitting back on her laurels but continues to hone her skills in luxury lifestyle consulting. Natalie is very different from the regular Style Consultants and Trend Experts as she focuses on the client’s unique needs and creates the basis for a successful and lasting image. If you want to make an impression at the next cocktail party you are attending, then Natalie Goldstein and her Luxury Lifestyle Consultants have all the answers for you.

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