LuXplosion 2010: Luxury Institute Nominated For The Luxury Marketing Category

Luxury marketing, is by far one of the most researched upon and vibrant topics of the luxury vertical, as this type of marketing calls for creativity as well as innovation for the companies to attract consumers to their luxury products and services. One of the most respected and highly renowned names in the luxury marketing sector is, the Luxury Institute. This ratings and research organization is one of the foremost authorities in on luxury marketing and is known to be a leader in conducting research on the luxury industry. With its impeccable reputation and highly valued services, the Luxury Institute has now been nominated for the Luxury Marketing category at the LuXplosion 2010. It has also been nominated for the “Luxury Research” category under Lifestyle. The Luxury Institute is known  to be one of the premier luxury marketing consultants, that provide its clients with the critical know how as well as suggesting the best practices to draw the attention of the consumers.

Founded by Milton F. Pedraza, who also serves as the company’s CEO, the Luxury Institute conducts in depth market research including valuable surveys with high end consumers, thereby grasping and analyzing the latest spending trends of the modern day luxury consumer. Based in New York, the Luxury Institute focuses heavily on Customer Relationship Management (CRM), that itself serves as the backbone of the luxury industry. The Luxury Institute offers its clients some of the most insightful services in the luxury marketing vertical including, Luxury Industry Data, Luxury Brand Research, Luxury Consulting Services etc. With the immense expertise in the field of luxury marketing, both the Luxury Institute and Mr. Pedraza have been featured in some of the most popular luxury journals, such as a the likes of MarketingWeek, The Wall Street Journal, Women’s Wear Daily etc.

The Luxury Institute enjoys a decent 4th place in Google PageRank, while Alexa has placed this phenomenal luxury marketing resource at 842,575 place in its quarterly global traffic rankings.

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