LuXplosion 2010: Luxist Nominated For The Dolce Vita Category

With our hectic schedules and a monotonous 9 to 5 working hours, life can prove to quite mundane, if you don’t have anything exciting or particularly endearing happening around you. This is where lifestyle and luxury play a key role in keeping the spice of life alive, while you manage your daily activities. However, keep a bead on the luxury market, that as grown astronomically in the last few years, can turn out to be quite an arduous task. Steps in Luxist, one of the foremost luxury and lifestyle blogs on the web, that has been created for the sole purpose of enlightening the masses to the latest happenings in the world of luxury. Hence, Luxist has now been nominated for the Dolce Vita category at the  LuXplosion 2010. Under the able leadership of Jamie Hammond, who serve as this luxury blog’s editor-in-chief, Luxist has fast captured the attention and admiration of hundreds and thousands of readers all across the world.

Jamie Hammond since joining Luxist, has brought with him, a vast experience in the field of online financial media and he currently also holds the position of editor in chief, Money & Finance portals for AOL Inc. and was previously associated with the coveted Washington Post. Luxist is composed of a long line of professional bloggers, who are considered to be experts in their own niche, while delivering immaculate commentary and statistics about the luxury industry. One such Luxist blogger is Deidre Woollard, who has been quite instrumental in the success of Luxist. Deidre has been associated with Luxist for the last four years and has written extensively about various luxury related topics such as luxury trends, celebrity real estate etc. This incredible luxury and lifestyle blog covers nearly all aspects of a stylish living, from real estate, trends in travel, art world, shopping, fashion, gourmet food, wine to analysis of the spending habits of the rich and the famous. As per the prestigious, Google PageRank, Luxist stands at an impressive 5th rank with 430,000 monthly unique visitors and an incredible 12 million page views, while Alexa puts this luxury blog at 6,890 in its global traffic rankings.

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