LuXplosion 2010: Louis Vuitton Nominated For Haute Brands Category

If you are into luxury, it is almost mandatory to own a Louis Vuitton chest, or a bag or some other article. In fact, it would be better if much of your stuff comes from this venerable fashion house. LV was founded in France in 1854 and the company is known for its ultra luxurious leather goods, books, sunglasses, accessories, jewelleries and many other types of luxury products.

It is one brand that you surely won’t be able to miss no matter what. In fact, some of the most important cities in the world have a LV store, and that almost defines that a city is important enough to be considered. As of 2009, the company has revenue of 2.2 billion Euros, which is practically the highest in the luxury industry. It is almost surprising that the founder Louis Vuitton travelled from Jura in France, to the capital Paris, a distance of more than 400 kilometres by foot, before he founded the company in Paris.

LV must certainly be one of the most inspiring luxury companies in the world. Today, LV is known for its almost definitive expertise in fashion and luxury. This is perhaps why we chose them in our list of 5 nominees for Haute Brands. Click here to vote for this nominee.

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