LuXplosion 2010: Jalopnik Nominated For The Haute Wheels Category

If one is looking for the latest happenings in the automobile industry, while hoping to get the news and updates in a more relaxed and mellowed down tone, then Jalopnik, is the website such users should definitely be heading to. Considered to be one the best automobile blogs on the Internet, Jalopnik, whose name is a mix of Jalopy and Beatnik, provides millions of readers with news, updates and reviews of some of the most sought after car brands in the world. Where it be Ferrari, Lamorghini or just your household Volvo, Jalopnik has made its responsibility to report upon the automobile industry to the best of its capability. Composed of professional contributors and providing impeccable information, Jalopnik has now been nominated for the Haute Wheels category at the LuXplosion 2010.

Under the able supervision of the blog’s editor-in-chief, Ray Wert, Jalopnik not only conducts reviews and covers news events, but this subtle automobile blog also carries featured sections where in it aims at interacting with its readers in a more humorous form, while disseminating information to the maximum. One such feature is the immensely popular, Project Car Hell, where in readers are requested to vote on two second hand cars, that are in poor conditions, while Jalopnik conducts a restoration project, so as to transform these scrap metals into desirable four wheelers. The editor in chief, Ray Wert himself has been a foremost authority on automobiles with his writings been published in The New York Times, Popular Mechanics, while being a regular contributor to various CNBC shows such as On the Money.

Jalopnik has been given an incredible 8th rank by the coveted Google PageRank, while Alexa has put this lighthearted automotive blog at 3,242 place in its quarterly global traffic rankings. Jalopnik has recorded a highly impressive count of 560,000 monthly unique visitors, while achieving a whopping 7.4 million page views.

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