LuXplosion 2010: Gourmet Nominated For The Haute Cuisine Category

Since the advent of the Internet, one of the most searched and read about topics have been, cuisines. The eclectic and delicious recipes that are so abundantly found on the web, have helped millions in not only discovering new tastes and dishes, but also to bring in new delicacies and flavors to their kitchens as well as social gatherings. Though the Internet maintains a wide database of cuisine or food related web sites, yet one of the most reputable of all cuisine blogs is, Gourmet. Devoted entirely to food and wine, Gourmet, since its inception in the year 1941, when the magazine first appeared on the newsstands in the US, has been in the business of providing its readers with the most informative content related to food. From new recipes to exquisite wines, both the online as well as offline facets of the Gourmet, have long been considered to be a vital source of cuisine related information. For its incredible reporting and dedicated efforts to bring the online world closer to worldwide delicacies, Gourmet has now been nominated for the Haute Cuisine category at the LuXplosion 2010.

Gourmet was originally brought to the world by Earle R. MacAusland, but was later acquired by one of the foremost worldwide magazine publishing company, Conde Nast. Soon after the acquisition of Gourmet, Conde Nast focused heavily on the popularization of this impeccable magazine and after 26 years of successful distribution under Conde Nast, Gourmet’s monthly magazine was finally ceased, while keeping the magazine alive on the web. Apart from its phenomenal online presence, Gourmet has also been quite active on the television circuit, with its ‘Gourmet’s Adventures With Ruth’ reality show, started in the year 2009, where in the show’s host, Ruth Reichl, attempts to bring the best of delicacies to the viewers by visiting cooking schools all over the globe, with a team of popular chefs. As far as the online popularity of Gourmet is concerned, this incredible food magazine enjoys a respectable 7th position via Google PageRank, while being placed at 69,903 rank by Alexa, in its global traffic rankings. Gourmet enjoys a dedicated readership of about 47,000 monthly unique visitors, along with as astounding 690,000 page views.

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